Pidcock Family Reunion Celebration: Saturday, August 16, 2014

The reunion will be held in  General Sullivan Pavilion in Washington Crossing Historic Park.

The festivities will get under way with a picnic lunch beginning at 12 noon.

We plan to take a group photo at 1 o’clock.

Following a five-year-effort, the revised “Genealogical Register Report for The Pidcock Family Association” is complete, and will be available for sale in either loose-leaf paper form or as a CD. How to order Genealogical Register Report for The Pidcock Family Association

John Moore, our family historian, plans a special presentation about Anderson Pidcock, a Union soldier from Lambertville who was killed in a Civil War battle in Virginia in 1864.  Anderson’s story  is told in ‘The Pidcock Chronicles’ copies of which will also be available at the reunion.

For many Pidcocks, a family reunion just isn’t complete without a visit to the Thompson-Neely House. We have arranged for family members to tour the house during the afternoon.

Please let us know if you plan to attend. Our email address: pidcock2013 at

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Washington’s Crossing Historical Park, PA. open Thurs-Sun

CD of genealogy and new book of Pidcock stories available

Some time prior to 1680, John Pidcock established a trading post on the western shore of the Delaware, on a 505 acre tract of land called by the Lenape Indians Win-Na-Haw-Caw-Chunk. The trading post appears on a 1680 map and William Penn acknowledged and honored Pidcock’s prior claim to this land, part of Pennsylvania, granted to Penn by King Charles II in 1681.

Sunlight outlines the oldest portion of the house, a one room cabin with hearth dating to 1702. Architectural evidence indicates the cabin was originally log or clapboard.Y-chromosome DNA research establishes that many modern Pidcocks and Pitcocks descend from ancestors who lived in Bakewell and Matlock, in central Derbyshire between Manchester and Sheffield near the center of England since the 16th century. Surprisingly, descendants of John Pidcock, the trader who built this original cabin, through 4 of his 5 sons, while clearly are related to each other, are not among them.

  • Approaching Pidcock House
  • Pidcock Barn
  • Pidcock-Thompson Neeley House
  • 17th century Pidcock Cabin Hearth
  • Sun-lit Pidcock cabin area
  • Pidcock Family Banner
  • Examining the Genealogical Scroll
  • Pidcock Reunion at the house-mid1930s
  • Unveiling the stone Marker a t1931 Reunion
  • Modern Day Genealogical Research
  • Anderson Pidcock's Civil War Bible
  • Pidcocks Play at  Centennial Reunion
Approaching Pidcock House1 Pidcock Barn2 Pidcock-Thompson Neeley House3 17th century Pidcock Cabin Hearth4 Sun-lit Pidcock cabin area5 Pidcock Family Banner6 Examining the Genealogical Scroll7 Pidcock Reunion at the house-mid1930s8 Unveiling the stone Marker a t1931 Reunion9 Modern Day Genealogical Research10 Anderson Pidcock's Civil War Bible11 Pidcocks Play at  Centennial Reunion12
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