20th Reunion, August 20, 1932

Washington Minuet (Minuet Bicentennial)

At the nineteenth annual reunion held August 24, l932, a special program commemorating the birth of George Washington, was presented. The secretary, Gladys G. Pidcock, read a detailed paper on the “Life of George Washington”, emphasizing his activities in the vicinity of Washington’s Crossing during the Revolutionary War. This was followed by a historical pageant and minuet presented by Mr. and Mrs. Nelson MacKissic, Miss Janet Pidcock, Miss Esther White, and Miss Jane Transu directed by Mrs. Cooper Pidcock. This Washington pageant introduced historic costumed tableaux and concluded with the minuet.
reunion1932c reunion1932a
Standing: Gladys Pidcock, Norman MacKissic?, Janet Pidcock Holiday, Anna Pidcock Davies, Esther White Ashton
Seated: Jane Transue?, Edith Pidcock MacKissic
Anna Pidcock Davies, Esther White Ashton, Janet Pidcock Haliday, Edith Pidcock MacKissic


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