24th Reunion, August 22, 1936

Gathered in front of the Pidcock-Thompson-Neely House

Bruce Morgan of Bloomsbury displayed a chart and family tree, constructed of felt, 25′ in length.
In front of the Pidcock-Thompson-Neely House.At a Pidcock Family Association reunion back in the late 1970s, John L. Moore showed the picture to everybody who attended — including the older people, and that’s how we came up with the list of names. He remembers being amazed at how many people the group could identify.

He distinctly recalls several old people telling him that that the Pidcock Family Association used to meet on the grounds or lawn of the house long before it became part of the state’s Washington Crossing Historic Park. They said they met there because John Pidcock had built the center portion. One of my sources for this was the late Edith McKissic. She and her husband Nelson lived in a house along the river just south of New Hope, and she used to go to reunions with her family. She does not appear to be in this photo.

Incidentally, Mrs. H. G. Pidcock in second row is Harrie Gray Pidcock, mother of Gladys. They lived around the corner from John Moore’s family in Somerville, so he knew them both very well when he was a little boy. Mrs. Pidcock lost her sight when she was in her early 80s, and he used to go over and read to her.

Who is Who
Front Row —??— , —??— ,George Morgan, Bruce Morgan Jr., —??— , Russell Pidcock, Jr., Dara Pidcock, Gerald Pidcock
Second row Mrs. Russell Pidcock, Mrs. Edward Pidcock, Edward Pidcock, Mrs. H. G. Pidcock, Nellie Pidcock Williams, George Pidcock, F. Raymond Pidcock, Sr., Gladys Pidcock, Annie Pidcock Davey, Brukin Davey, —??— , —??—
Third row Cooper Pidcock, Mrs. Cooper Pidcock, Russell Pidcock, —??— , —??— , Mrs. Anna Cadwallader, Mrs. Raymond Pidcock Sr., Mrs. Mances Williams Smith, Dorothy Cadwallader, Mary Swope, Ed Swope, Mrs. Nellie Swope, Bruce Morgan, Sr., Helen Morgan, —??—
Back row Raymond Stout, —??— , —??— , Flora Pidcock, Frank Pidcock Jr., Etta Davey, —??—


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