81st Reunion, July 10, 1993

 John Sauts shares Native American children’s stories, games and tells what it was like before the white man came

John Sauts greets a young Pidcock as Scott Pidcock looks on
LENA’PE HOMELAND BAND refers to descendants of the ancient Lenapewuk who refused to be driven out and migrate westward during the 500 winters of wapsini (white) invasion and occupation. They have maintained within their extended kin groups much of the ancient culture and have resumed the old clan system, selection of chiefs, communal sacramental ceremonies as well as family ones, and the PROPHECIES, (note: ARTIST as prophet in Lenape theology), in their lives, words, crafts and ART. “Some of our band seek “U.$.” recognition, some do not, and some oppose the involvement of outsiders in our culture telling us who we are, who we aren’t, how to live, and giving us numbers (#1491 A.D. is fine, however)”. The women of Sauts’ extended family asked him to be their wolf-clan Sakima (chief), and the larger U.E.L.N. (United E. Lenape Nation) has done the same. He is an author, and nationally honoredd book illustrator. His paintings are owned by the “U.$. DState Dept. and the U.N. in Embassies world-wide. He’s been a frequent guest on radio and TV, and been involved in the “Last of the Mohigans” motion picture, as well as addressing University and other audiences. His prophetic ART projects the Beautiful New Earth which he calls: “1491”. He has a master’s degree in Theology and was a Lutheran clergyman before returning to the Sacred Starpath of his own people as: sakima (cheif), prophet & Ilaa’-o (war chief)
olive-ivins Every year we ask:
Who is the oldest?
Olive Bellis Ivins, age 75Who is the youngest?
Christian Andrew Ivins, age 4 weeksReunion gathered in the Moore Pavilion of the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve. Neely’s Mill is the red & while building in the background.


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