102nd Reunion Aug. 16, 2014

Pidock Reunion 8-16-2014 # 62-640

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The festivities got under way with a picnic lunch beginning at 12 noon,” said John Moore, chairman of the reunion planning committee.

The reunion was held in the General Sullivan Pavilion in Washington Crossing Historic Park.

Revised family genealogy

Copies of our revised family genealogy report were available at the reunion. During and after last summer’s reunion, association genealogist Karen Price received considerable new information that she has added to the 2013 revision of the Pidcock family genealogy. These additions have been processed and incorporated, and the family association has had 100 copies printed.

Karen has also finalizing an addendum, which contains additional genealogy as well as the transcriptions of 13 Pidcock wills she found at the New Jersey State Archives. The addendum is included on the CD.

This is the 3rd edition of the Pidcock Family Association genealogy, first published in the 1950s and revised in 1992.

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Reunion details

At its 2014 reunion,  the Pidcock Family Association elected a new president, adopted bylaws and heard a re-enactor talk about why Patrick Updike, Hessian 8-16-14 - 250Hessian soldiers came to North America in 1776 to help King George III suppress the American Revolution.
Organized in 1913, the association held its reunion at the General John Sullivan Pavilion in Washington Crossing Historic Park in August 2014. About 37 people attended. They included:
Jane Belli, the oldest;
Christopher Smith, the youngest;
Becky Grawe, the closest; 
Karen and Greg Price (Ohio), the farthest; and
Ralph Pidcock, the member who had attended the most reunions.
The newly ratified bylaws call for the family association to hold an annual reunion, preferably near or along Pidcock Creek in Solebury Township during the month of August. The creek is named for John Pidcock, an ancestor who settled along its bank in either the late 1670s or early 1680s.
The bylaws also require association officers to be elected annually, with the election to be held during the reunion.
Elected at the recent reunion were: president, John L. Moore; vice president, Lawrence Smith; secretary, Becky Grawe; treasurer, Jane E. Moore; genealogist, Karen P. Price; historian, John L. Moore; and representative at large, Brad Livezey.
Association members Patrick and Meg Updike of Telford are Revolutionary War re-enactors who portray Hessians. They and their sons came in colonial garb.
Patrick explained that not only was George III the king of England, but he was also the head of Hanover, a principality in Germany. When England needed troops to help in suppressing the rebellion under way in the North American colonies, George III turned to other Germans to supply them. Many from Hesse-Cassel arrived in New York in 1776, and the Americans referred to them as Hessian.

The stories of John Pidcock, early trader, Charles, Revolutionary war soldier and Anderson Pidcock, Civil war soldier are told in “The Pidcock Chronicles”.

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For many Pidcocks, a family reunion just isn’t complete without a visit to the Thompson-Neely House. Our traditions tell us that John Pidcock built the original part of the house in the early 1700s. Historians have documented that he took up residence in the Indian village on this site, perhaps as early as 1678.

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