The Pidcock Chronicles

The Centennial Reunion initiates “The Pidcock Chronicles” with stories of John Pidcock the 17th century trader on the Delaware, Charlie Pidcock during the Revolutionary War and Anderson Pidcock’s part in the Civil War.These extremely readable and well researched stories contain much new information. They give voice to the subject and his contemporaries, drawing heavily on compiled court proceedings, transcribed interviews with the subject’s contemporaries, and family letters.

Your Stories

We seek factually based family stories about long-ago Pidcocks or contemporary family members whose stories might make interesting reading and add to the breadth of our family history. We envision researching and fleshing these stories out over time and publishing them as an on-going series of “The Pidcock Chronicles”.


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Cousin John Moore researches and transforms family narratives into entertaining stories in the Pidcock Chronicles series.
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