Pidcock/Pitcock DNA Study Overview

The Pidcock Family Association offers ALL Pidcocks, Pitcocks, and Pidcoes descendants, male and female,  the familyTreeDNA PidcockPitcock Group discount on DNA tests.Learn about your own genetic history, help other Pidcocks & Pitcocks who have lost their genealogical record reconnect through DNA matching and propose new mysteries  and provide data to solve these mysteries.


St Helen’s Church in Darley Dale,Derbyshire, England
where most of the Darley Dale Pidcocks were baptized, married and buried.
As of:
Mysteries posed
tentatively solved:
DNA Kits Ordered:
DNA Kits Returned:
DNA Kits Analyzed:
Pending Upgrades: 0
# of apparently distinct Sets:
Amazingly, 5 or 6
Near Matched Sets:
2 sets of 5,2 set of 3
Exact Match Individuals:

4 sets of triplets (12/12) 2 with a pair (25/25) 2 with a pair (37/37)



We can now supplement our genealogical research with DNA evidence to solve some mysteries our family has been wondering about for years. We have established a Pidcock surname project with <A


This is a project for our whole world-wide family to join, enjoy and help each other pursue our lineage.


To solve these puzzles, we need genes and genealogy from families who have migrated and families that have stayed close to their roots.


If you can’t test, please consider financially helping those who want to test, but lack funds, by sending a contribution to the Pidcock DNA general fund at Family Tree DNA. Whatever you can spare is so much appreciated.

We can all participate: