The following persons participating in this study have agreed to be identified:

Kit # Name & Contact Information Location & Lineage
32053 John Ray Pitcock   email York, PA > VA > TN > KY pedigree
32107 Dirk Tensen Rinehart Pidcock    email Nottingham, England > UT > OR > CA pedigree
32109 John Pidcock contact DNA administrator to send message Derbyshire, England pedigree
32111 Gary Steven Pitcock    email PA ? > VA > TN > KY pedigree
32782 Frank Stacy Pidcock Researcher:  C. Thomas    email Bucks Co. PA > NJ pedigree
35652 Alan Russell Pidcock    email Bucks Co. PA > NJ pedigree
37666 John Keith Pidcock    email Researcher:  Margaret Pidcock Burns    email Nottingham, England > UT > Canada > UT > ID pedigree
37888 Joseph Justin Pidcock     email Researcher:  Karen Price   email Bucks Co. PA > OH pedigree
41657 Arthur Lee Pitcock     email VA? > PA > OK > KS pedigree
41886 Kenneth Maltby Pidcock Researcher:  Margaret Pidcock Burns    email Nottingham, England > Yorkshire, England pedigree
53430 James Baker Pidcock     email Burlington, NJ > Hopkins, KY pedigree 
53979 Russel Pidcoe email Researcher: Frank Pidcoe    email Bucks, PA > Lycoming, PA pedigree 
54428 Pidcoe
55566 Thomas Clinton Pitcock     email Researcher:  Ken Rometo    email VA > KY > WVA pedigree
70837 Donald C. Pidcock, Jr. Bucks Co. PA > NJ  pedigree
83556 Alan Burton Researcher:  John Keith Pidcock    email Nottingham, England > UT > CA pedigree 
N20262 Gary Lee Johnson    Researcher:  Charles Allan Moe    email North Carolina
146398 Craig Anthony Millington-Pidcock Nottingham, England > Leicestershire, England pedigree
172101 Sarah Stone Researcher:  Patricia Lewis    email PA > UT pedigree