DNA Test Process

You can help solve Pidcock/Pitcock mysteries in these ways. Please contact the Pidcock/Pitcock DNA Group Administrator with questions.

DNA Test Donor

Please click to   learn about and order DNA test kits . The test is painless – it is similar to brushing the inside of your cheek with your toothbrush. Unused samples are stored, available for tests you may want to order in the future – no need to repeat the sample collection process. Please contact the Pidcock/Pitcock DNA Group Administrator with questions.

If you are a man taking the Y-DNA test your results, identified by test kit number only, will be displayed on our DNA results page. If you would like to be included on our DNA Participants page which matches test kit number to any of the following that you choose to list: name, email, ancestors’s migration route, pedigree (from furthest back known ancestor to as far forward as you choose), please send the information you would like displayed  to the Pidcock/Pitcock DNA Group Administrator or contact her for paper mail address.

DNA Test Sponsor

Please click  Pidcock/Pitcock DNA General Fund to contribute money to defray  the cost of tests for Pidcock/Pitcock male’s whose Y-chromosome DNA can help solve our mysteries. This money is held in escrow at FamilyTreeDNA and disbursed at the discretion of the Pidcock/Pitcock DNA Group Administrator who should be contacted with specific instructions. Thank you very much for considering contributing to help pay for DNA tests of individuals with the genes but not the means to participate. Your help is invaluable and much appreciated.

DNA Test Publicizer


Please publicize the Pidcock/Pitcock DNA Project by telling your relatives about it and by adding a link to it from your website (this is how Google ranks pages in search results).It is fun to learn about your own genetic history, whether in genealogical time or way, way back. Family Tree DNA offers a wide variety of tests for both men and women and is also a great place to learn about the process.