Bylaws and Officers:

The bylaws call for the family association to hold an annual reunion, preferably near or along Pidcock Creek in Solebury Township during the month of August. The creek is named for John Pidcock, an ancestor who settled along its bank in either the late 1670s or early 1680s.

Greetings Pidcocks everyone,
Short and Tall – old and young,
I’m glad you are there in our beloved Park
Where Washington’s crossing made its mark.
Many Times through these 93 years
I have met you there with laughter and cheers.
Cheers for our heritage, noble and strong
And our God who leads us aright when we’re headed wrong.
So I greet you now at this special Time
With joy in my heart and words in rhyme.
Don’t ever give up, don’t even give down –
Keep on coming, keep gathering the clan.
Let nothing dismay you, stay firm to the end
He’ll never betray you – He’s your best Friend!
So I greet you now on this special date
When you’ve come together to commemorate
Anna Pidcock Searcy (1/22/1909-2/2/2003)



For simplicity, this site counts the 1913 Reunion as the 1st Reunion and increments by 1 for each year there-after regardless of whether or not a reunion was held. The reunion numbers may therefore vary slightly from the number reported in the newspaper or on a reunion invitation.

107th Reunion August 3rd, 2019: Visited Revolutionary War soldiers graves.

106th Reunion August 4th, 2018:The Bachmann Players presented a skit from Pennsylvania history. The Easton-based actors will portray militia soldiers who in 1756 defended the colony’s frontier against Indian attacks.

105th Reunion August 5th, 2017: Picnic, election of new officers.

104th Reunion August 6th, 2016: Historian Peter Osborne will speak about his book, “No Spot In This Far Land Is More
Immortalized: A History of Washington Crossing Historic Park” – Peter Osborne and how First Presbyterian Church of Lambertville, honors the Revolutionary War service of 26 men, including two Pidcocks: Jonathan (1729-1812) and his son Charles (1756-1836), with ties to the church by Craig Reading.

103rd Reunion August 15th 2015

102th Reunion Aug. 16, 2014: Patrick and Meg Updike of Telford, Revolutionary War re-enactors who portray Hessians, explain their involvement in the Revolution.

Centennial Reunion August 17th 2013: Tours and Talks of Interest to Pidcocks

100th Reunion Aug. 18, 2012: Benjamin Pidcock, b. Oct. 7, 1773 family Bible found and returned to our family

99th Reunion, 2010: Work on the 3rd ed. of “History of the Pidcock Family and Association”

98th Reunion May 22, 2010: Work on the 3rd ed. of “History of the Pidcock Family and Association”

97th Reunion May 16, 2009: Corp. Anderson W. Pidock’s Civil War Bible found and returned to our family

96th Reunion May 18, 2008:Family Articles Show & Tell

95th Reunion May 18, 2007: Results of Historic Structure Survey of House commissioned by the Park and tour pointing out clues written in the stone.

93rd Reunion May 21, 2005 and 94th Reunion May 13, 2006: Pidcock/Pitcock/Pidcoe Y chromosome DNA project

92nd Reunion May 22, 2004: Hessian Weekend.

91st Reunion May 17, 2003: Sealing the time capsule to be opened in 25 years.

300th Anniversary of John Pidcock’s 1 room cabin September 21, 2002, featured colonial house building crafts.

90th Reunion May 4, 2002: Filling Time Capsule

89th Reunion May 2001: Annual sheepshearing day at the (Pidcock) Thompson-Neely site

88th Reunion July 15, 2000: Garth Pidcock creates our Pidcockfamily Website

87th Reunion July 1999: YES! We plan website & time-capsule projects.

86 Reunion July 11, 1998:“Shall we continue the Pidcock Family Association into the 21st Century?”

84th Reunion 1996: Gingerbread Days

83rd Reunion July 1995: Ashburn Pidcock Searcy tells about the Pidcocks and the Railroads

82nd Reunion 1994: Coming to America in Colonial Times, DAR essay by Erin Bellias, 8th grade

81st Reunion July 10, 1993: John Sauts shares Native American children’s stories, games and tells what it was like before the white man came.

80th Reunion 1992: Revised History of the PIDCOCK FAMILY and ASSOCIATION is printed

78th Reunion July 1990: 3 generations of cousins have explored this house & grounds

76th Reunion 1988: This year we gathered indoors

64th Reunion Aug. 21, 1976: Capt. Moore pavilion. Virginia Moore’s historic play: “He Brought the Boats to Washington” dedicated to Harriet Pidcock It portrays Harrie Pidcock as she tells young people about her Great Grandfather, Capt. Daniel Bray who secured the Durham boats for Genl. Washington.

63rd Reunion Aug. 23, 1975: Beautiful Day !! Capt. Moore Pavilion. Tour of the House. Original drawing of the house emphasizing architectural features. Who is the Artist?

62nd Reunion Aug. 17, 1974: It poured !! Virginia Moore told the family about the bi-centenial plays – three of which are her own. Brought a play of Charles Pidcock hiding under a rock during the Revolutionary war.

61st Reunion Aug. 18, 1973: Family Memoribilia from the Revolutionary Period.

60th Reunion Aug. 19, 1972: A Hessian soldier’s experience of the Battle of Trenton.

August 21, 1971: Capt. Moore Pavilion – Picnic 1-8 pm

58th Reunion Aug. 22, 1970: Historical Analysis and explanation of Washington Crossing Park by E. Wilmer Fisher, superintendent.

56th Reunion Aug 24, 1968: Leni-Lenape Indians by Scott (14), Karen (11) & Judy(9) Pidcock

54th Reunion 1966: Bakewell & Matlock in Derbyshire, England by Dr. John Talmadge

53rd Reunion 1965: Radio Executive John W. Pidcock

52nd Reunion Aug 22, 1964: Restoration & Furnishing of the ‘PIDCOCK’-Thompson-Neely House by Vera Goslin of Bucks Co. Federation of Women’s Clubs.

51st Reunion Aug 17, 1963: Events of the Revolutionary War associated with Washington’s Crossing & Signatures of Washington & Lafayette by St. John Terrell (who played Washington in the re-enactments)

50th Reunion July 6, 1962: Durham boats & 18th century recipes

49th Reunion 1961: 100th anniversary of a letter Anderson Pidcock wrote, to his brother Clark during the Civil War. The letter was displayed and Catharine Pidcock (16) described the 6th Regiment, NJ Volunteers’ activities , including Watercolor and ink illustrations she had done of the major battles in which they foughtAdescribed the 6th Regiment, NJ Volunteers’ activities , including Watercolor and ink illustrations she had done of the major battles in which they fought.

48th Reunion Aug 20, 1960: Col. John Richardson presents us with his “History of Solebury”

46th Reunion 1958: “History of the PIDCOCK FAMILY and ASSOCIATION” by Gladys Pidcock (historian) and Esther Pidcock (genealogist) is printed.

39th & 40th Reunions 1951 & 1952 Oldest & youngest attenders tradition

34th Reunion August 24, 1946: Memorial Service for our late Honorary President and founder of the association, George M. Pidcock.

33rd Reunion August 25, 1945: President, Edwin Moore, who had returned from active duty in the Coast Guard presided over the reorganizational meeting. We authorize research and publication of “History of the Pidcock Family and Association”.

During the war years – 1942-44 the Pidcock Family Association did not meet because gas rationing made it difficult for distant family to attend.

28th Reunion August 24, 1940: unveiling of a bronze tablet on the grave of Charles Pidcock, Revolutionary War soldier, who is buried in the cemetery adjacent to the Lambertville Presbyterian Church, Lambertville, New Jersey.

26th Reunion August 20, 1938: Jonathan & Ankey Pidcock Graves Marker. Jonathan’s biography

25th Reunion August 1937: Mr. DeLacey, lecturer and guide at the Washington Crossing Park describes events that happened on Park land.

24th Reunion August 22, 1936: Gathered in front of the Pidcock-Thompson-Neely House, 25′ family tree chart made of felt.

23rd Reunion August 24, 1935: How did Bowman’s Hill get its name?

22nd Reunion August 25, 1934: House Plaque identifying Pidcock section & “Arrival of John Pidcock” pagent.

20th Reunion Aug. 20, 1932: Washington Minuet

19th Reunion Aug. 1931:

17th Reunion August 24, 1929: John Pidcock Win-Na-Haw-Caw-Chunk Marker; Pidcock Revolutionary War service – operating Ferry, supplying flour from our Mill, military service.

7th Reunion August 20, 1919: Homestead housed Lt. James Monroe promulgator of Monroe Doctrine now playing such a prominent part in political discussions in Washington.

6th Reunion August 23, 1918: Held beside Pidcock’s Creek

5th Reunion Friday, August 17, 1917: Convenient tp Lambertville-Trenton Trolley.

3rd Reunion Friday, August 20, 1915: Bowman’s Hill – a most pleasing place.

2nd Reunion Saturday, August 22, 1914: Politics Set Aside – Historical Place and People

1st Reunion Friday, August 22, 1913: formation of the Pidcock Family Association