Genealogical Register Report for The Pidcock Family AssociationAn updated Genealogy is available both in loose leaf notebook form and as a  CD.

The “History of the Pidcock Family and Association” is specific to the descendants of Jonathan Pidcock (1729-1812) believed to be the grandson of John Pidcock who settled along the Delaware in 1678.

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The Pidcock Chronicles”
Volume 1 contains stories of John Pidcock the 17th century trader on the Delaware, Charlie Pidcock during the Revolutionary War and Anderson Pidcock’s part in the Civil War.

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DNA Project

The DNA project is open to ALL PIDCOCKS around the world. It seeks to answer a number of Pidcock mysteries. Y-chromosome DNA research establishes that many modern Pidcocks and Pitcocks descend from ancestors who lived in Bakewell and Matlock, in central Derbyshire between Manchester and Sheffield near the center of England since the 16th century. Surprisingly, descendants of John Pidcock, the trader who built this original cabin, through 4 of his 5 sons, while clearly are related to each other, are not among them. Details and results can be found on our DNA Study page.

Pidcock Association organizes search for family graves in Bucks, Hunterdon

Campaign to locate and inventory of local cemeteries where family members were buried before 1900.“We want to compile a comprehensive list of all the cemeteries where early Pidcocks were buried in Bucks and Hunterdon counties,” said Lawrence Smith, association president. “We’re asking family members as well as local history and genealogy buffs to contribute information.”

Members of the Pidcock family have lived in the Delaware River Valley since the late 1600s, according to John L. Moore, the association’s historian. “We know where many early Pidcocks are buried on the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware in Bucks County, and in Hunterdon County on the New Jersey side, but we suspect we don’t know the locations of the final resting places of many family members,” Moore said.

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Pidcock Family Primary Documents Project

We are entitled to join N.S.D.A.R., N.S.S.A.R., N.S.C.A.R., Colonial Dames because of Jonathan’s service to the Revolutionary cause. However to join these organizations, one must PROVE one’s lineage. Pidcock family members can now contribute scans of family Bibles. Send scans to pidcock2013 at Transcriptions of 13 Pidcock wills from the New Jersey State Archives are part of an addendum  distributed with the paper and CD versions of Genealogical Register Report for The Pidcock Family Association.


Some family history, recounted at Reunions, can be found on the Reunions page of this website. We also have a Facebook page, but need publicity suggestions to reach more Pidcock descendants.